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X.D.O.C aka Ten Days Of Chaos was formed in San Antonio in 2019. Founding member Nathaniel Villarreal (lead guitar) assembled three additional members to include Chris Rodriguez on drums and Cory Keith on vocals.  

XDOC has opened for Accept, Doyle, Ellefson, Saliva, Drowning Pool, A Killers Confession, TRAPT, ADEMA, Flaw, Cotton Mouth Kings, and Tantric. 

Nathaniel Villarreal has a long history in the San Antonio metal scene. He is attached to the bloodline from former metal act SA Slayer, and has had stints with bands including Divine Ruins, Project Terror and various touring acts. The bands unique sound comes from a collection of influences to include punk, multiple genres of metal, rock and roll, and classical. These influences helped shape the sound along with real world scenarios. The band focuses on writing music about events taking place throughout the world and expressing themselves creatively through music. 

Dead Angles: A Song for the fallen in Afghanistan.
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